The Lullabye Factory has a vibey recording studio with some of the most iconic recording equipment ever created. Highlights are an AMPEX MM1000, the first 2 inch 16-track tape machine, and the legendary EMT 140 Plate Reverb as well as a Studer A80 Master Recorder.

We feel very strongly that the more dedication you put into the creation of a product, the more intense of an experience your product is able to deliver. We use analog equipment only, from the recording console to the classic effects like spring reverb, tape delay & plate reverb. This makes our sound true and revealing. The workflow matching this authentic approach to music production is creative and technical, requiring the utmost of everyone working on a sonic masterpiece. World class signal paths, out of the box effect engineering and ultimate focus on performance, these are just a couple of examples of why so many analog music productions stood the test of time.

Our tape recorders are calibrated to sonic perfection with Magnetic Reference Laboratory Calibration tape, in order to ensure the perfect high fidelity sound experience the Golden Age of Analog Multi-tracking was famous for.

The Ampex MM1000 was the first 16-Track ever to be Mass produced. Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John are just a couple of artists who had their hits made on a Master Maker, and from the few left in fine working state around the world, we are the proud owners of #152. The AMPEX MM1000 is legendary for his great sound and robust build. Hence his nickname "The Beast".

The Orion is manufactured in the Netherlands by D&R and used to belong to the late Pieter Nieboer, former sound engineer of Golden Earring. It is an incredible clean and beautifully transparent sounding console, making it a perfect match for our tape machines.

For the mixdown and cutting of the Master tape we use a STUDER A80RC 1/4inch stereo tape machine. (with Butterfly Heads). The A80 is widely considered to be the pinnacle of analog master-recorders!


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Analog Recording & Mixing

The Lullabye Factory is thé place for analog recording and mixing. We do our multi-tracking on the AMPEX MM1000 and we mix down to one of our 1/4 inch master recorders. Delivering this master tape to the vinyl cutting plant you could be releasing an LP that has never seen a converter, just like all those fantastic sounding records from before computers.

Would you like to do your project only partially within the analog domain? No problem!

Authentic Outboard Gear & Analog Effects

We have a variety of the classic analog effects that have been used on oldschool but also modern records to give them that true sound. Examples are: Spring Reverb, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Tape Delay & the Echo Room technique. No emulation is our credo: we love the real sound of things!


With our Analog Tape Services we can mix & master your (digital) tracks using our analog studio console, outboard gear and a tape recorder of choice: Studer A80 or AMPEX! Contact us for the options or check out our dedicated remote Tape Services website: