Analog to Analog


With our All Analog Setup we create records with no binary conversion, just like in the Golden Era of Analog Multitrack recording. This way the full audio spectrum will be preserved within its natural habitat.

During the recording stage we use our AMPEX MM1000 2 inch 16-track paired with our D&R Orion analog studio console. The Mixdown we make onto 1/4 inch Tape.

The 1/4 inch Master Tape we physically supply to the vinyl factory where the audio is being cut on a cutting lathe in a lacquer from where it can be pressed into as many LP’s as you want.

No digital conversion in the whole process! We figure: if you want your music on a Vinyl, why record on a computer? This way we can offer a pure Analog Way of creating Records. We take Analog seriously: it is the natural language of sound and we do not see the need to convert it to 0 and 1 in the process.

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