High End Analog Mastering with a big love for Tape, Tubes & Transformers.

Mastering turns your songs into records and makes them ready for distribution.

We can master your music using our arsenal of high class analog equipment. We love the sound of Tubes and have the classic Pultec 1A style Tube equalizers and a Manley Variable Mu Compressor/Limiter. On the cleaner side we have a Elysia XFILTER Mastering Edition Class A equalizer to polish things off. Tape is also frequently part of our chain if so desired and with our AMPEX and Studer recorders we can give songs that famous tape sound tailored to the songs benefit with sweet glue or more heavy saturation. We can optimise your release for CD DDP, Vinyl, Cassette and all streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

Elysia XFILTER Mastering

Manley Variable Mu

Studer A80RC