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Welcome to the Analog Tape Your Mix Service
Where we can get you the Sound for REEL!

With our Analog Tape Your Mix Service we can bounce your (digital) tracks to tape on one of our professional Master Recorders. You can Tape Your Mix or Tape a Track, for example just the bass guitar of your multitrack project. An analog tape bounce makes your mix or track sound warmer, more natural and 'fatter'. Each tape machine gives its own distinctive character to a mix. Based on your preference we can make a smooth clean tape bounce or a 'filled with attitude through the roof' one.

The mixes can be delivered to us in all file types. We will bounce your mix, or any audio track for that matter, to tape & back into whatever file type you prefer!

We can optimise your mix for cassette. It is a true craft to make sure your mix stands tall on cassette too. With our experience and effort we can make a cassette sound truly amazing! We can deliver you a Master Cassette that can be used a the source for duplication.

An analog tape bounce is made on our perfectly calibrated tape Master Recorders spinning our favourite tape: the Premium High Output Mastering Grade Studio Tape SM900.

You're always welcome to join the session, that way you can experience the impact the tape has on your mix live! In case you cannot be there it's good to know that you can get a sample of your Tape Bounce.

Try it for yourself, the Tape Your Mix service is only 20 euros (ex. VAT) per stereo track! Mono multichannel tracks start at 10 euros (ex. VAT) per track!