Record Label


The Lullabye Factory Records is an all Analog Record Label. We go from 2 inch to 1/4 inch to Vinyl and Cassette.

Remember when they made them great records during the golden age of analog multitrack recording? We don’t, yet still we admire those records to this day! Why you ask? Because there is something truly magical about these records. The sound and skill of the analog workflow has a particular ability to get a grip on you. It’s hard to describe, easy to feel. The Recording Studio back then was a vibrant place where sound could be contained within its natural domain. There was no faking the effects, no automatic presets. Everything had to be very well thought through and required the utmost attention of everyone involved. The experience of the end result reflects this workflow, and the tape did the rest…

We are going back. Back to those days filled with attitude and bursting with ambition. Conquering time by making songs immortal. We do not believe in conversion, we believe in dedication. In being true to the source. From sound waves to voltage, creating fluctuation in the field strength of the magnetic recording. Controlled by VU meters and usage of Tape Compression. With performance right at the heart of it. We want to make true sound last forever.

We at The Lullabye Factory Records are proudly dedicated to preserve this analog craftsmanship in creating records. At the heart of our operation we have a fully analog recording studio to ensure that every part in the chain of sound matches our analog vision. The multitrack recordings are done on our AMPEX MM1000 A.K.A. “The Beast”, a legendary 16 track tape machine from 1969. Mixed on our D&R Orion studio console with added analog effects, from Binson Delays to Spring and Plate reverb, the stereo mixdown goes onto ¼ inch tape on a Master Recorder of choice, ready to be delivered to the vinyl master stage at the vinyl factory. Once pressed it can reach every pickup universally available. No compromise in sound is what we call the future. And thus the future will be analog.

Hence our Triple A classification. Recorded in the Analog Domain. Mixed & Mastered in the Analog Domain and Multiplied Within the Analog Domain.