Recording Studio

Recording Studio


The Lullabye Factory is an All Analog Recording StudioRecord Label, Art Gallery, Booking Agency and Concert Promoter located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our philosophy is creating soulful top-notch analog recordings in an atmosphere where artists feel right at home. Our workflow is one that is direct and engaging, our focus being on sonic revelation. We use Analog Equipment, from the recording console to the classic effects like spring reverb and tape delay. This makes our sound true and revealing

The Epicentre of The Lullabye Factory  is a D&R Orion analog studio console paired with a AMPEX MM1000 16-Track 2 inch Tape Recorder. The Orion is manufactured in the Netherlands by D&R and used to belong to the late Pieter Nieboer, former sound engineer of Golden Earring. The Ampex MM1000 was the first 16-Track ever to be Mass produced, and from the few left in fine working state around the world, we own the only one in the country. The AMPEX MM1000 is legendary for his great sound and robust build. Hence his nickname "The Beast".




Slider Pictures by Emile Jeuken

2 Meter Sessies with Trevor Sensor (Jagjaguwar)

Collectief Explosief (CXRecords) – 7 inch Vinyl







Recording - We offer ANALOG recording at The Lullabye Factory.  After the recording stage we can mix your work fully analog In-House or we can provide you with the separate tracks (analog ON tape or digitalised FROM tape, to keep all the warm & beautiful character of this medium).

Mixing - If you recorded your work elsewhere we can mix it down through our analog console onto tape, this way you'll get the beautiful sound that only analog summing & bouncing to tape gets done.

Analog Effects - We have a variety of the classic analog effects that have been used on oldschool but also modern records to give them that true sound! Examples are: Spring Reverb, Tape Delay, Plate Reverb or the Echo Room technique! It is possible to send us a track (analog or digital) or just drop it off at our studio, this way you can choose what kind of effects you like while chilling and listening to the result with us!

Analog Recording ON location - Technology finally made it possible for us to capture a live set the proper analog way with the option to remix until satisfied with the result! For recording on location we use our vintage 16 track portable, not so very portable, tape recorder in combination with our even more vintage D&R series 1000 20 channels mixing console.

Analog Mobile Studio - It is even possible to create an Analog Mobile Studio for longer periods of time. In case you would like to record an album in the middle of nowhere in some cabin or an oldschool castle for that matter!




Vox AC30cc2 valve amp

Hughes & Kettner 150 watts valve bass amp

Gem 50 watts vintage valve amp from 1969


Gem Organ vintage from 1969

Korg SV1 Stage Piano

Burger & Jacobi Acoustic Piano made in Switzerland


Acoustic MAPEX drum kit with various cymbals


D&R Orion 32 channel Analog Studio Console

AMPEX MM1000 16 - Track 2 inch Tape Recorder

VEB T2221 Master Recorder made in the DDR

Revox A77 2 - Track Master Recorder x 2

Tascam MSR16


BINSON ECHOREC (tube & transistor)


LA Audio EQ231-GSP dual 31 band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equaliser

Drawmer DL241 Compressor / Gate

DBX 266 XL Compressor / Gate

Urei 1178 compressor clone by Langensee

Pioneer Reverberation 202w Analog Spring Reverb from the 70's

LA Audio 4x4 gate / compressor

Dynacord Echocord Mini Analog Tape Delay


Beijing "The Tube" 797 tube condenser microphone

Shure SM57

4 x Shure sm58

Rode NT1A

Rode Broadcaster

3 x Rode M1

Audix D6

Audix i5

Oktava MK 012 stereo pair overheads