19th of May: Showcase at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam
With performances of Money & the Man, DJ Hagy en Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail

25th of May: Presentation Mixtape Atelier Het Langhuis + Showcase in Goudsteeg 21 Zwolle
With performances of The Tiger Lovemachine and DJ Hagy

9th of June: Showcase in ACU Utrecht
With performances of Pure Muna, Sailing to Suez, DJ Hagy and Money and the Man

10th of June: Presentation Mixtape in Koffieleute Brauhaus in Utrecht
With performances of Sailing to Suez en DJ Hagy

14th of September: Presentation Mixtape in De Nieuwe Anita
With a performance of Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail

11th of October: Screening of the Documentary in Theatre de Mus in Amsterdam

Final party: TBA

In the showcases the sound engineer, producer and illustrator will tell you all about how The Lullabye Factory Analog Mixtape. vol. One is established and the artistic choices that were made along the way. Tickets can be bought through the crowdfunding we shall launch in the very near future.

This interdisciplinary project is almost finished! Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date about the developments of The Lullabye Factory Analog Mixtape vol. One.


Lauw als een Pauw March 5th

Rauwe Sessies

Rauwe Sessies